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04:55 PM Applications Feature #588 (New): Glowing text
Now uses plain text, it would be very convenient if you can use the materials and forms of text
It looks like a set ...
04:45 AM OpenSpace3D Feature #587 (New): Decals
The ability to use material objects as decals. For example was applied to the cube material is the stain of blood, th...


07:09 PM Applications Feature #586 (New): The beginnings of AI b management
06:16 PM Applications Feature #585 (New): The animation editor
-ability within the program to make a tree of objects with parent relationship.
- Possibility to change the axis att...
05:58 PM Applications Feature #584 (New): fabric
the fabric is very complementary to the scene animates it. Curtains, Flags, table cloth, etc. Not know whether there ...
05:55 PM Applications Feature #583 (New): animated texture
animated textures as part of material. for example the illumination. You can create a monitor without having to load ...
05:52 PM Applications Feature #582 (New): particle effects editor
particles the most important part of graphics. they enliven the scene.

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